Music from “09 to 14” available on iTunes now.

Music from an EP of mine I once wanted to call “09 to 14” is now available on iTunes as well as other stores click here: 09 to 14

Instead of making it an EP per say. I have just decided to make the individual singles. These tracks were recorded in and released 2014 then re-released due to a change in our system.

I wanted the public to have a piece of my voice at different years and era in my life. Also my latest song “Worth More” is greater in quality of sound and better sang as I grew to become a better singer, I feel as though people should be able to look back and hear what I once wrote and what I once sounded like.

You can now find:

  1. Made me who I am
  2. Light your candle
  3. No me without you
  4. Overnight
  5. Women & problems
  6. If your girl only knew
  7. Prepared to die

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Thank you all for stopping by and have a beautiful time,


Singing songs from “09 to 14” for Snapchat & Instagram.

Good morning everybody!! Yesterday was all fun and games when I introduced my new followers to my music.

Some knew that I sang and others didn’t. It really came so spontaniously while doing my daily school run. Thanks to those who watched and liked! It was great to let y’all hear my music. Get yours on iTunes!! Have a look below and enjoy!

Recording “09 to 14”.

Good morning,

I took all our followers back on certain recording sessions that took place for the recording of my EP: “09 to 14”.

Every songs in this project were recorded in between 2009 and 2014 hence it’s title. The album contains some of the songs I recording during that time in no particular order in terms of subjects and such. I basically felt like my voice and the way I sing was growing and before we move on to the newest version of me with “Worth More” for example, that people should also have the opportunity to listen and experience who I was as a singer-songwriter between 2009/10 when “Preach” came out to now.

In other words it goes like this:

  • 2010 – Preach
  • 2014 – 09 to 14
  • 2016 – Worth More

All my music is available on iTunes and other online stores. You will find my sound on TIDAL too from “Worth More” on.

I would like to thank everybody for liking and commenting on instagram. Daniel Strong Ent. is online at @danielstrongent and I am online at @tambuchristel .

Enjoy the videos below and have a great day!

Daniel Strong Entertainment Limited: Recording.

Thank you all for everything that you all do. The most important thing and valuable aspect of it all to me is how patient you all are.

I am now writing to you because not only do I sing but I also love business and I am great in music business. I hope that through all that I do I will also inspire start ups.

Recording – the most expensive part of everything that we have done so far was recording, mixing and mastering. We have worked worldwide with beautiful people in beautiful recording studios. I, personally, recorded in London and other places in Europe. I have recorded music in America as well. All and all the cost of recording has been huge.

Many may argue that small studios can do as good as bigger ones. However, independent artists have the pressure to have “major” artists quality of work if we want to be taken seriously in the mainstream world. It’s like wanting to appear in VOGUE but not be VOGUE MAGAZINE ready. In that prospect, I give my music and my voice the best changes in sound so I can let the right people consider me for the upper scale work which ultimately means upper scale money.

You have to invest in yourself and your heart. Through your work shine your ambition and willigness to thrive in the level and field you want to playing with and recognized in.

I am ready. I am willing. I have spent. I shall get back times and times the investments I put in, in due time. I am patient.

I’d rather pay a little extra and be radio ready then pay basic sounds and wonder why I can’t compete with the market I want to be a part of. Quality over quantity for me for sure.

More to come!


Buy “Worth More” on iTunes!!


Hi everyone,

Worth More is now on iTunes click on the following link to purchase it: Buy Worth More.

Not only is the single out on iTunes but it is also available in GooglePlay and TIDAL. Thank you all for showing love and support to my journey and I am looking forward to growing and sharing more. You can look at the making of the song (click here) and enjoy!

Have a listen below:


Lyrics by Tambu-christel McCaghrey.

All vocals, written, sang and arranged by Tambu-christel McCaghrey.

Instrumental by Omer Agca for Turreekk Beats.

Produced by Omer Agca for Turreekk Beats, Tambu-christel McCaghrey and Michael Harmon at Studio Crash, Inc.

Recorded, mix and mastered by Michael Harmon at Studio Crash, Inc. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The making of “Worth More”.

Thank you all for tuning in!!

I would like to start off by wishing you all brilliant health and happiness. I will then carry on by sharing the journey of making my single Worth More. Have a listen here.



Lyrics by Tambu-christel McCaghrey.

All vocals, written, sang and arranged by Tambu-christel McCaghrey.

Instrumental by Omer Agca for Turreekk Beats.

Produced by Omer Agca for Turreekk Beats, Tambu-christel McCaghrey and Michael Harmon atSTUDIO Crash, Inc.

Recorded, mix and mastered by Michael Harmon at Studio Crash, Inc. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


I am back in the studio and by the sound of it, I am musically matured tremendously!! I would like to thank Philadelphia for having me and giving me so much inspiraton.


The song was written the very same day it was recorded in April 2016. I wrote the song for my daughters. The message behind the song for me was that I travel a lot and we live a life as such entertainers that it may seem that I sacrifice a lot of the quality time we could have, in order to succeed professionally. I then tell them that I hope I never hear them tell me that I am to regret all the times I “left them”.

Even though this was my personal touch and experience. I’ve soon realised that the song could easily be for everybody. It could be a partner who works a lot and leave his wife home due to his career and vice versa. It could be teenagers to their parents or, like myself, a parent to their children. It could be a best friend to another. The song could be shared between siblings and family members.

I would like to give a big shout out to everybody who has supported me and my music. There is more to come!!


Thank you again for your support. You can get Worth More on iTunes any time!!

Make sure to follow myself on instagram at @tambuchristel and my baby label @danielstrongent

Have a blessed day Strong Ones!


Studio life: Day two!!

Hey guys,

Oh lord, oh lord, oh lord!! Today my new found soon-to-be Grammy winning team just wrote our Grammy winning track!! Neither of us currently own one but this is about to change very soon!!

As written in the previous post, I’m carrying on the recording of my music in another studio and that’s where the magic of my debut album will see the light. The project has brought so many different sides of me and I’m feeling very grateful!! I feel very blessed and thankful!!

Today was the day I was introduced to the rest of my team in this journey and I’m so excited to show this beauty to you all. It’s so Grammy worthy!! Y’all just don’t understand!!!

Make sure you stay tuned!! Thank you all for the time you take to check me out!! Thanks to the new co-writers and producers!! Let’s prepare for our Grammy!!

Below are some flicks from my cousin and in the studio. You know we be fooling 😛 enjoy guys!!

Studio life: Westpoint Studios.

Hey Strong Ones,

I feel like I haven’t posted a personal note here in forever!!

I hope that you all beautiful people are well and that life is treating you nice enough. Never forget that the simple things are to be treating just as importantly as the rest. Always be grateful for the things you have because someone out there has much less. Gratitude is the way forward guys. And, I don’t want to hear/read anything in the line of “It’s easy for you to say because you have so much.” because such way of thinking is poisonous.

Free you mind and show god that things he gives you are important and that you are thankful for the love he shows you. Do not insult him, yourself, your parents and other important figures in your life by displaying disrespectful manner in the way you express yourself or behave in any circumstances. Always be grateful and humble to the best of your abilities.


This said, I’m back to the studio. Yes, I’ve changed recording studios again and we’re now in Westpoint Studios. The reason why I do that is because different establishments give me different vibes. I want my album to reflect different sides or me. I want to explore my vocal abilities in different ways as well as my production skills, my writing skills and overall musical directions.
It’s exciting and I am proud to be able to do that. I’m taking my time to deliver something I’ll be able to carry a long way. Plus, I really want a Grammy!!


Anyhow, below are some pictures of myself meeting the new team and chilling with my cousin in the studio (first cousin from dad side). More pictures and many videos will come!! Thank you all for being loving and always checking up on me. I’m grateful for you all. Thank you!

Oh… and yes, I’ve cut my hair!! But, we’ll talk about that on another post 😉 take care 😛

Give it to God and go to sleep.

“Don’t try to be seen. God may be hiding you for a reason. He, only, knows when the time will be right to show the world your talent.

Frustration can get a hold (of you).
Anger always tries to feed (of you).
Especially when work is hard.
And doesn’t seem to shine bright.

Don’t go above and beyond trying to be seen. God may be hiding you for a reason (for protection).” – Tambu-christel McCaghrey.



[NEW MUSIC + AUDIO-VIDEO] Debut album preview from my car.

My dear oh dear strong ones where do I even beggiinnnnnn!

I was in my car and I decided to share a few seconds of a few tracks of mine. The response was overwhelming!! My phone started to ring like never before and a few comment landed on my instagram and Facebook as well as a few retweets and favs from twitter.

I’ve been doing music for a minute now and I guess some of y’all didn’t realise the seriousness of the vision and project at hand because so many of you were so shocked it seems y’all just found out I sang! I am grateful for you all and the love you all shared with me throughout the years!! Let’s carry on this beautiful journey by making sure the release of this beautiful music happens smoothly and that it gets all the recognition it deserves because y’all know I’ve worked on it with every single bit of my being. As usual my late son was my ultimate inspiration and my daughters gave me purpose.

Enjoy the videos I’ve previously posted on instagram and please note that none of these tracks are mixed and mastered yet. Enjoy nonetheless.

My account is normally set at private but I do let the world lurke away at times. However, you can follow and unfollow my business account as you please at @DanielStrongEnt

“Greystoke Studio” shout out!

As you all know I’m recording my debut album which is due this winter. As per the previous post I wrote, I am still writing songs and perfecting those I’ve already written to ensure the album really turns out to be the way I want it to.
For those who didn’t know I’m recording my beautiful sounds locally at Greystoke and here is another shout out from them 😉 stay tuned:


Studio News – October 2013 to April 2014

New music: “Guess I’m leaving” & “I’on give a sh*t”.

Bonjour people,
My debut album is still very much in the making. I have added two new tracks and I believe a couple more should make the tracklist.

The album is set to be called: “Prepared to die/ Six feet under”. Explanation about its title shall follow but both are titles of tracks the project is composed of. Thank you all for the continuous love. I am working very hard in making sure this album really turns out the way I want it to. It’s self funded and executive produced. I wrote all the songs in this album with their lyrics and melodies, background vocals and also co-procuced the songs so this is a serious matter in terms of production and delivery.

Stay tuned for it because I believe you all will like it. So far, the album has songs named (in no particular order):

# Can’t save you
# Grieving soul
# Women & Problems
# Light your candle
# Overnight
# If your girl only knew
# Made me who I am
# Prepared to die
# Preach
# I love you
# Six feet under
# Goes Up
# I’on give a sh*t
# Guess I am leaving
# From me to you

A ‘Live session’ version of the songs and the album will also come out a couple of months or so after the release of my beautiful baby debut album. So please be here for both of them this winter!! Thank you again for everything!!