The best economy class in my book so far – KLM (@klm)

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REVIEW TIME!! Hey everyone my name is Tambu and I travel as much as many of you all drive your cars to work everyday…. here is my take on @klm airline: They have BY FAR the best economy class I have ever seen in my life on their international flights. I have never been on their European planes but the planes they have for international flights are amazing!! Everything is excellent to me. The food (check). The wifi provider (yes they have excellent wifi service it’s insane I lost my mind, check check check). The seats, headsets and THEIR TV A STREET MOVIE SELECTION (check, check, check, check). // Some of you may not know but national flights, regional flights, continental flights and international flights… All these have different planes as they provide different miles and capacities. Even so, airlines like @americanair or @Britishairlines don’t come anywhere close to #KLM when it comes to comfort in ECONOMY class!! THE DESIGN AND COMFORT IS JUST UNMATCHED so far in my experience. Thank you KLM for having me.