Singing songs from “09 to 14” for Snapchat & Instagram.

Good morning everybody!! Yesterday was all fun and games when I introduced my new followers to my music.

Some knew that I sang and others didn’t. It really came so spontaniously while doing my daily school run. Thanks to those who watched and liked! It was great to let y’all hear my music. Get yours on iTunes!! Have a look below and enjoy!

Recording “09 to 14”.

Good morning,

I took all our followers back on certain recording sessions that took place for the recording of my EP: “09 to 14”.

Every songs in this project were recorded in between 2009 and 2014 hence it’s title. The album contains some of the songs I recording during that time in no particular order in terms of subjects and such. I basically felt like my voice and the way I sing was growing and before we move on to the newest version of me with “Worth More” for example, that people should also have the opportunity to listen and experience who I was as a singer-songwriter between 2009/10 when “Preach” came out to now.

In other words it goes like this:

  • 2010 – Preach
  • 2014 – 09 to 14
  • 2016 – Worth More

All my music is available on iTunes and other online stores. You will find my sound on TIDAL too from “Worth More” on.

I would like to thank everybody for liking and commenting on instagram. Daniel Strong Ent. is online at @danielstrongent and I am online at @tambuchristel .

Enjoy the videos below and have a great day!

VEVO: tambuchristelVEVO

Thank you all so much for all that you do. Whether it is ‘following’ me on social media or supporting my blog posts or just talking about me to your peers about whatever it is you mention about me, thank you.

The people who follow this website know that I was part of the group full of beautiful people who received the honour to attend a day at VEVO headquaters in London. Well, around that time my VEVO account was created and many people asked what the hell I was waiting for to put a video up!! The truth is I did shoot a video for a song of mine called “Light Your Candle” but the director and I didn’t have the same vision and disagreements kept adding on so the music video for this song never saw the light.

I believe in patience to an extent and the saying “What is for you, will be for you.” As well as ‘what isn’t for you, won’t be.”

With that said, although I lost a lot of money, I just told myself that the day I would be ready for my videos will be the day I would have matured in my creativity and I would have better songs with stronger meanings and greater quality in images. I would like to think that time is now.

Two songs will be on my VEVO which are songs that are available of iTunes. Stay tuned and thank you!



New tab alert: Videos.

As we prepare to add more visuals to we made it easy for you all to check our videos, interviews and BTS so far on the site. Simply click on VIDEOS from a desktop. As for mobile devices, go to MENU and click VIDEOS.

To celebrate, we will show you candids of the singer visiting the studio she recorded several songs at in West London.

We also take this moment to direct you to Daniel Strong Entertainment‘s instagram at @danielstrongent and Tambu-christel’s one at @tambuchristel.

Thank you all from the team. More to come!!

12 August 2016 = 29 years old!

Happy birthday to me!!

My birthday weekend was awesome. I couldn’t have wished for a better birthday this year! It lasted three days!! I celebrated with my family then with friends!! I could say so much about it and how I feel but I am going to take you back for a second before we go forward. Here is the post I dedicated to myself prior to this day: Happy Birthday To Me

The words I used then are still how I feel now. I enjoied my time with my friends abd fam to live it up and make it unforgetable. Enjoy my birthday in pictured and videos below!!

The making of “Worth More”.

Thank you all for tuning in!!

I would like to start off by wishing you all brilliant health and happiness. I will then carry on by sharing the journey of making my single Worth More. Have a listen here.



Lyrics by Tambu-christel McCaghrey.

All vocals, written, sang and arranged by Tambu-christel McCaghrey.

Instrumental by Omer Agca for Turreekk Beats.

Produced by Omer Agca for Turreekk Beats, Tambu-christel McCaghrey and Michael Harmon atSTUDIO Crash, Inc.

Recorded, mix and mastered by Michael Harmon at Studio Crash, Inc. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


I am back in the studio and by the sound of it, I am musically matured tremendously!! I would like to thank Philadelphia for having me and giving me so much inspiraton.


The song was written the very same day it was recorded in April 2016. I wrote the song for my daughters. The message behind the song for me was that I travel a lot and we live a life as such entertainers that it may seem that I sacrifice a lot of the quality time we could have, in order to succeed professionally. I then tell them that I hope I never hear them tell me that I am to regret all the times I “left them”.

Even though this was my personal touch and experience. I’ve soon realised that the song could easily be for everybody. It could be a partner who works a lot and leave his wife home due to his career and vice versa. It could be teenagers to their parents or, like myself, a parent to their children. It could be a best friend to another. The song could be shared between siblings and family members.

I would like to give a big shout out to everybody who has supported me and my music. There is more to come!!


Thank you again for your support. You can get Worth More on iTunes any time!!

Make sure to follow myself on instagram at @tambuchristel and my baby label @danielstrongent

Have a blessed day Strong Ones!


A day out with KissFM.

Good morning dear strong ones!!

I hope that you and yours are doing wonderfully. I forgot to post this post at the time of the event but I am doing so now.


My daughter Tara and I had the pleasure to experience a magic time with KissFM in London. I loved the day because my daughter let out her “director in chief” side of her hang out!! We were all given headphones gear to listen to the performers music and Tara wanted to check the artists before and after their sets. She wanted to make sure the cameras were on point. She had the right volumes in headphones. She was so great that I felt really honoured to witness her passion for great work come through.

About KissFM
Kiss is a UK radio station which is broadcasting on FM and National DAB, specialising in hip hopR&Burban andelectronic dance music. It also broadcasts onDAB Digital Radio around the UK & nationally on FreeviewSky and Virgin Media. Owned byHamburg based Bauer Media Group, Kiss forms part of Bauer’s National portfolio of radio brands. Kiss spin-off brands includeKisstory and Kiss Fresh.

Thanks for reading,
Tam ♥

Working with Daniel Strong Entertainment: Fun & flexibility.


Working with Daniel Strong Entertainment Limited is a new feature that I’ve introduced a month ago. The idea behind it is to motivate and inspire young professionals to get to their dreams. In this episode I express that self-employment has been beneficial for my household. I state that parenthood is a very big part of who i am therefore my choice in forming a business.

I also mention the fun factors about my music firm and why I enjoy doing what I do with Daniel Strong Entertainment Limited.

Check the video here: Fun & Flexibility.

Working with Daniel Strong Entertainment: Living in cities that never sleep.


Working with Daniel Strong Entertainment Limited is a new feature that I’ve introduced a month ago. The idea behind it is to motivate and inspire young professionals to get to their dreams. In this episode I point out the advantages and disadvantages of living in a big city.

When doing business, you always seek motivation and inspiration. Your sleeping pattern is all over the place. You are eager. You’re hungry for more and you can’t wait to get to the place you believe you should end up in. All this requires work to achieve whatever you want to get.

Big cities are not only inspiring but they are full of opportunities and this fact alone is almost all you need, opportunities!

Check out the video here: Living in cities that never sleep.

Working with Daniel Strong Entertainment: Remaining Truthful In Your Endeavours.


Working with Daniel Strong Entertainment Limited is a new feature that I’ve introduced a month ago. The idea behind it is to motivate and inspire young professionals to get to their dreams. In this episode I’ve say that so many people are busy creating a income/business for themselves that they lie about who they are because they know that the reality of themselves and the way they live isn’t going to be appealing the clients so why not neglect the truth to make that extra money.

As much as I shouldn’t worry about these type of individuals, I talk about it to let people know that I am not one of them. I’m very aware of my strengths and weaknesses and I am open about them because I made the choice to aspire to inspire. I’ve had fears and doubt. I’m human after all but through it all I remain as honest as possible with myself and I hope to stay that way for the rest of my career.

Watch the video here: Remaining Truthful In Your Endeavours.

Working with Daniel Strong Entertainment: A Thought On Education.


Working with Daniel Strong Entertainment Limited is a new feature that I’ve introduced a month ago. The idea behind it is to motivate and inspire young professionals to get to their dreams. In this episode I speak about the importance of education.

We don’t just advice people to do things because it is the right thing to do. We use our lives to tell them that it may be hard to do certain things in life and overcome certain obstacles but we won our battles therefore we know they can do it or better than we did it. Sometimes people don’t want to get advice from people who “have no clue about certain things” so we focus on the things we did live, went through and overcame therefore we do have knowledge on the matters and we’re able to give organic real life take on the things we share.

For education, just know that I’ve graduated from secondary school/high school and college I’m now at university doing two degrees. Here is my HND if it can encourage you all and click here to watch the video on YouTube: A Thought On Education.


Yours truly, me, is now on VEVO!!

Hello guys,
I’m very pleased to tell you that my VEVO channel is now here. The page will be live once my first video is up.
As you have witnessed on this website, my music video for “Light Your Candle” has started shooting. I am also doing a video for “Preach” soon and both will feature on my music page at: tambuchristelVEVO

Download the VEVO app if you haven’t already and make sure to log in youtube where my music channel will also appear.



Live performance in Hoxton, London.

Hello beautiful people,

Here are the footage taken from my live gig on Thursday.

I’m very grateful for the time you all took to comment on instagram at @danielstrongent and I look forward to seeing more of you in my upcoming dates.

My debut single Preach is available worldwide on iTunes and GooglePlay 😉
Enjoy the videos and the pictures from the rehearsals below. To all the Brandy fans. I’ve messed up the lyrics a little but give the sis a chance 🙂

Thank you all again and enjoy!