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Yours truly, me, is now on VEVO!!

Hello guys, I’m very pleased to tell you that my VEVO channel is now here. The page will be live once my first video is up. As you have witnessed on this website, my music video for “Light Your Candle” has started shooting. I am also doing a video for

My music video “Light Your Candle” behind the scenes in pictures.

Dear strong ones, I have been up and down the country working and new music, live performances and videos will land on this website in the near future. I had the pleasure to shoot my first music video last week which is my next single titled “Light Your Candle”. The

News: Interview + live performance of “Preach”.

Thank you all for tuning in to my beautiful journey to a beautiful destination. I would like to announce that my interview with KixMag is finally here!! You can also check some BTS footage below. More videos and BTS footage can be fous at

I’ve been saaanging and I’ve been Vlogging!!

Hey guys, many things are happening in my life and while I’m looking for additional elements to add to a documentary (EPK) for my upcoming project I found these files: I used to do alot of videos that I would post online. The page I had had 1,500 likes and

A little throw back: One of my cousin is a choreographer.

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