Welcome to Christel Clear Business Consulting Agency.

CCBCA is a firm that offers consulting services in regards to business management and administration.

The firm is composed of business consultants from business studies graduates and business professionals from around the world. As well as awarded business individuals. Many are published acts from worldwide press.

Some of the places our consultants come from are Switzerland, England, Dubai, Morocco, Portugal and the United States of America.

What makes us special is that we all have hobbies and special talents that come from art, music, sport, marketing and digital work. For this, we are able to customize our clients’ need according to the field they wish to start their business in when it seems like an idea doesn’t conform to the general public standard or if a client feels that their ideas are too “outside of the box”.

Our certified experiences include:

  • Business Environment
  • Research project
  • Decision making
  • Personal and professional development
  • Organisations and behaviour
  • Quality management in business
  • Marketing principals
  • Business strategy
  • Business accounting
  • Working with and leading people
  • Human resource management
  • Managing financial resources and decisions
  • Aspect of contract and negligence for business
  • Managing business activities to achieve results
  • Managing communications, knowledge and information
  • Operations management in business
  • Project management for business
  • Managing small medium sized enterprises
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Information communication technology
  • International business
  • Research methods
  • Making sense of strategy

However, we also do the following:

  • Social media imagery
  • Logo
  • Website Digital system recognition
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Document development
  • Document filings
  • formatting documents

Our firm are pleased to offer these services in groups via business seminars (Small, medium and large groups).

Consultation costs vary from the work you need. We do all we can of course to ensure that the quality of our services are satisfactory to you and your organisations and we always look for great feedback and recommendations from you to your peers.

Initial consultations are $500 per entry payable via bank transfer, PayPal or western union. We want you to make the most out of that moment so be prepared with your notebook or notepad. Make sure to have your questions ready. Be as specific as possible to ensure accuracy from our work plans for you. If your organisation would like to make a group appointment the price for the consultation is $300 per person attending the same group session.

If you wish to continue your business plan and work process with us, we will be happy to complete your project as you wish and be a part of what will become your future multimillion dollars company.

We only accept payment plans for projects exceeding five figures but, we invite you to discuss financial matters with us when you book your consultation. Anything related to financial plans can discussed during your consultation also.

Additional services include Skype consultation, meetings, conferences and follow-up. We understand that many travel a lot for their careers. We also understand that some of the best entrepreneurs have family priorities to cater to while trying to find time to grow their businesses. Christel Clear Business Consulting Agency has a level of understanding when it comes to these matters like no other firms you will ever encounter. Keep it in mind that when you succeed so do we. Therefore, we make it very clear that we will do anything to accommodate your business grown within the services agreed on our part concerning your project.

CCBCA is looking forward to working with you. Please contact Christel Clear Business Consulting Agency today via email. Go to the contact form and when inquiring, write in subject “Tambu: CCBCA”, “CCBCA Consultation” or “Christel Clear Business Consulting Agency” and your email will be redirected. Make sure to leave your phone numbers with the national or international code. We know that business is a worldwide language and many of you come from various places in this world.

We hope to work with you and your organisations soon.

Tambu-christel for Christel Clear Business Consulting Agency.