The singer:
Book Tambu for a gig and/or live performances for your events. This is a worldwide announcement and confirmation that Tambu is now ready to take on bookings for live performances, media appearances and interviews.

The songwriter & producer:
Book Tambu for your music project. The 29 years old is a singer/songwriter and she also producers. Her music give you a glimpse of her work. Tambu is very versatile and easy to work with. If you had inquiries regarding a possible collaboration do not hesitate to contact us. Good luck with your projects.

The spokesperson:
Tambu has had the privilege to come in the scene by her own doing. Everything you see from her was organised and initially managed by herself. She is a qualified and academically rewarded business woman and she has demonstrated strength, ambition and knowledge through her work.

Tambu also shares a great deal about her personal life from motherhood to the emotions and events she goes through in life. For this, she has now made it possible to speak as a spokesperson for organisations that need inspirational people to inspire and motivate whoever that need to hear strength (pain and joy), ambitions and focus from the beautiful Tambu. She also accepts small groups and individual mentoring needs.

The author:
Tambu is currently working on her autobiography. More information shall surface in due time.

The designer:
Fashion design is one of many talents Tambu has been blessed with. If you are familiar with this blog, you will find that she posts some of her spontaneous designs. As hard as it may be to believe, she draws as days go by and her sketches are amazing!

Daniel Strong Entertainment Limited for executive productions:
The record label welcomes all type of artists and their genres. If you want us to invest or collaborate in your projects just let us know and we shall take it from there.

Daniel Strong Entertainment Limited for projects collaborations & investments:
Many organisations and individuals seek investments or partnerships and we are pleased to announce that we are willing to look into new business ventures. Our contact shall appear under our company section. Thank you.


Contact for payments over 50k or use the following link with the “/” and the correct amount requested:




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