BET Awards 2010

At the time this event was the most important for me so far. It turned my whole life and vision around. I decided to do a record label about a year prior which also turned into a management company all this because my son past away and I didn’t feel

Recording: Demos

These are pictures of me recording my demo back in south London.

Going from a ‘concept’ to making it happen: Daniel Strong Entertainment Limited.

From Da Strong Ones Record, limited to Daniel Strong Entertainment Limited. This picture was taken when i was still trying to figure out what I would do with my music firm. These days were days I had alot of meeting and discussions about the ideas I had for my company

From ‘Da strong ones record, limited’ to Daniel strong entertainment limited.

Here are a series of pictures of my old office. Before its name change we took years to study the music business and when doing that we changed office so many times trying to find the perfect space for us to finally decide that we would work from home! They say

Business course with Barclays Bank.

Today i’ve learnt about “in-depth” subjects to perfect my business plans and ideas as well as legal matters and how to treat customers and staffs. The course also covered marketing and promo tools. It was a good day with Barclays.

Daniel Strong Entertainment Limited is worth investing in!!

We received a Gold Award today by Angel Investors so we are officially “Venture Worthy” . We scored: 39 out of 60. Average score for our stage is usually 32 so for this occasion we have been granted a badge we can display in all our websites! Check it out below:

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